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mash!up media was originated by a young photographer team in 2012, which wanted to capture their love for music in digital media, in order to make it accessible to everyone in an easy but exciting way.

Our focus is on visual communication. We combine professional design with spree and passion for our work.

Besides concert photography we also support fancy and unusual artists.
We always watch out for interessting talents. Wether Fashion, Music or Art..we have an open mind about everything.

Moreover we are looking for addition from time to time.
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Laura Celina 22, Germany

Hey everybody!
My name is Laura Celina and I’m from Germany.
Actually I’m audio engineer and stage hand. Moreover I’m singer in a german metalband and had always my home in the musicbiz. Since 2010 I work professionally as a Model. Since 2011 I found my passion for standing BEHIND the camera. In contrast to my modeling I wanted to capture the real life and real emotions. Being Friends with some bands paved my way to concert photography.

I prefer Black and Grey Photography because, in my opinion, it gives the picture more intimacy. But mostly I don’t determin on working in B&G. While editing I do not try to perfect or modify the pictures. What I want is to highlight what defines the picture.

Sandra 25, Germany

I’m Sandra and I live in Germany. In my daily life I create awesome websites. Since 2003 I’m a passionate photographer. I’ve already worked with little digital cameras as well as analog and digital SLRs. I love to catch the right moment plus emotions.

Furthermore I like doing some creative stuff such as stitching, drawing and photo editing.